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HeadLine’s professional media clipping helps you to stay ahead of your competitors and also:

Media monitoring serves your goals and helps you do your job the best possible way and on time.

HeadLine, because we...

Are professionals with
more than 10 years
of experience
Have an excellent knowledge of all print
and online media
Have a superb
command of the
English language
Offer you a
flexible service
Have clear and
reasonable pricing
Realize how precious
your time and money is
Give you everything
you need and nothing
Are always here
for you

The type of information you can get

We can find everything that is written in the newspapers or on the Internet.
We can gather for you, whatever is mentioned about you, your competitors or your field of interest.

We can help you have the following types of information:

Still have a question?

How do you deliver media clippings?

The delivery of the media clippings is to be negotiated. There are different delivery options. For more information, check out SERVICES.

What time will I receive press clips at?

Time of delivery is flexible. It might be before 12h, 14h, or 16h, and weekly, monthly or on a customized schedule.

Do you monitor media on weekends?

Yes. The coverage is delivered on Monday.

Is the list of the monitored media fixed?

No. There is a standard list of dailies, weeklies, monthlies and online agencies. It includes the most popular and respected Bulgarian outlets, but this list could be expanded or even ignored. It all depends on your needs and goals.

Is there an additional charge for monitoring an event if I am already your client?

No. As our client you receive all press and online clippings without additional charges.

Is a long-term contract required?

It is not obligatory. We tend to work with our clients with yearly or half-yearly contracts, as it is the most mutually beneficial option. Of course, when a client prefers monitoring for a shorter period, it is possible.

How long does it take to start the service?

It can start today, if only we’ve come to an agreement about the key word/theme you want us to monitor and the payment terms.

Is it possible to order media monitoring only for a certain period of time?


Can you monitor just a list of specific issues or sites for us?


Is it possible to order the monitoring of additional media when a company prepares for an event?


What is the difference between the standard media clipping and the web platform?

The web platform is a new and very convenient way to receive your press clippings. The differences from the press-clippings sent by email are:

  • Possibility for subsections;
  • Rating system;
  • Search engine available;
  • Access from every part of the world.

Still it is a matter of a personal choice and preferences, which delivery option to choose.

Do you deliver hard copies?


How can I add another email address to the distribution list for e-mail alerts?

You just have to inform us via e-mail.

Is it possible to add and translate articles upon request?

Yes. If you have an article which you want to have in a clipping format we may add it. We also can translate articles upon request.

Is it possible the media clipping information to be given in a format that answers the standards and corporate style of my company?